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Canadá 5BBL Brewpub Beer Equipment

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5bbl Brewpub Beer Equipment in Canada

This 5bbl brewpub beer equipment is located at Quebec, Canada. 

The owner Francois and Oliver are very professional in beer brewing. 

Like most brewers, they did their best to accomplish their brewery dream. 

Luckily we have a chance to built their 5bbl brewery in 2021.

Please review this project with Brewman and share with us your ideas and suggestions.

Part I: Brewery starting consulting, proposal communication via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system:

The main configurations mainly include:

1x 5BBL Combined 3 Vessels Brewhouse (MLT&HLT+KWT) 

Hot water tank is placed at the bottom of mash lauter tank to save space. 

Both hot liquoior tank and kettle tank are electric heating with dry heating sensor.

Hot/Cold Water Mixing Station is designed to include 2pcs manual diaphragm valves, 

2pcs global valves, IFM Flow Meter, Bimetal Thermometer and Pipelines

The brewhouse unit is finished with Pneumatic valves, the actuators are spring return.

It is normally closed type pneumatic valves. 

When the compressed air in, the spring is pressed and the valves open. Not air in, it will keep close.

1x 3BBL Fermentation Unitank with carbonation stone and level pipe

4x 7BBL Fermentation Unitank with carbonation stone and level pipe

All fermenters are designed as slim and tall because of space limitation.

Pig tail for fermentation unitank

10L Yeast Feeder

Part II: 5bbl brewpub beer equipment brewery layout, 2D and 3D drawing design before manufacturing

As the brewery have a space limitation, so we design the brewing tank and fermentation tank slim and tall to make sure it can fit in the space.

brewery layout3D drawing design of brewery (2)3D drawing design of brewery (1)

Part III: Manufacturing of 5bbl Brewpub Beer Equipment

5bbl brewpub equipment under manufacturing (4)5bbl brewpub equipment under manufacturing (2)5bbl brewpub equipment under manufacturing (3)5bbl brewpub equipment under manufacturing (1)

Part IV: Finish of 5bbl Brewpub Beer Equipment

5bbl combined brewhouse( mash/lauter tank& hot water tank+Kettle whirlpool tank)

5bbl brewhouse (1)

kettle tank level

5bbl brewhouse (2)

Because of space limitation, the stairs is designed a little steep.


Grain rake in mash lauter tank with scraper

Lauter tun (1)Lauter tun (2)

Electric elements in kettle tank(3 phase 600V 60Hz)

inside of brewing tanks (1)

Jacketed 3bbl and 7bbl fermenters, 3bbl fermenter is designed for holding half batch wort, while 7bbl fermenter is for double batches brewing.

Jacket fermenters (2)

Jacket fermenters (1)

Carbonation stone for jacket fermenter

carbonation stone

Acid washing inside fermenter

interior tank polishing

3bbl and 7bbl fermenters (5)

Yeast feeder 20l with special design( bimetal thermometer, pressure gauge)

 yeast feeder

Areation stone for 5bbl brewhouse

areation device after heat exchanger

Manual hand agitator 

manual agitator

Part V: Shipping of 5bbl Brewpub Beer Equipment

All brewery system are loaded and shipped in one 40feet container.

container loading 5bbl brewhousecontainer loading5bbl brewery loading

Part IV: 5bbl Brewpub Beer Equipment Installation in Canada

5bbl brewpub beer equipment under installation

5bbl brewery system installation

5bbl brewery installation5bbl brewery system installation

5bbl pub brewery equipment5bbl brewery in Canada5bbl brewery equipment in Canada (2)

Part V: Expect to their first batch beer.

Beer in Taps

beer from taps

In cups

beer in cups

In Cans

beer in cans

Beer can also be found in shelf of Canada

If you also want to realize your brewing dream, come and visit Brewman factory.

Thanks and welcome your inquiry.

+86 15666356295

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